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Note: In order to hopefully keep this list interesting, I'll try to maintain most of my recommendations towards more independent productions, nothing too mainstream, without necessarily having to be something too obscure either. Within these boundaries, I'm going to be very selective. The intent is to communicate the most with the least, sort of following the words of well-known film editor and sound designer, Walter Murch, from his book "In the Blink of an Eye".

Pyanek's Pictures and Music

He thinks about music audio-visually, resulting in a fascinating dialogue between his musical compositions and his visual creations.

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Gabriela Pereyra's Artwork

She finds a lot of inspiration in native South American myths and legends, developing a very warm style that handles shapes and colors in a dance of their own.   

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Virtual Interactive Reconstruction of Clandestine Detention Centers During Argentina's 1976 to 1983 Dictatorship 

[available in Spanish only]
This is an audiovisual document of actual events that involved the forced disappearance and murder of tens of thousands of Argentinian citizens, many of them young people. While you explore the virtual 3D reconstruction of these clandestine detention centers, you get text and audio information about how these facilities, controlled by the military government, functioned as very well organized places of torture, murder, child abduction, slave labor and many forms of dehumanizing treatment against the people illegally detained there. No violence is shown explicitly, the reconstruction is meant to be educational, specially for younger people who have a good grasp of new digital interactive media but who may not be fully aware of this really perverse period in Argentina's recent history. Above all it's about keeping the memory of these events alive so that they are understood and never forgotten and thus hopefully never repeated.

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