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Floaty Oniondrop

I dedicate this post to a special someone who's birthday is on this the tenth day of the second month (you know who you are ;) It's also a slice of things to come concerning Oniondrop...

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"Hola, vengo a flotar" (Hello, I've come here to float) was a memorable phrase in Spanish speaking parts, said by a certain character from an Argentine cartoon series called Alejo & Valentina, by Alejandro Szykula. At the time, when it was newest, I found it hilarious, with its crude looks and bizarre humor. It's the kind of series that either makes you laugh or weirds you out or both. I haven't been viewing it for a long time but I have fun memories of it and it's probably one of those series that inspires Oniondrop and the strange little things he does.

I have no idea if these cartoons are well-known in non-Spanish speaking places, maybe some of the funniness is missed through language and specific cultural references, but a lot of it is plain nonsense, and it's meant to be rough-looking. I could compare it to a Salad Fingers type of cartoon, less creepy but more crude (if you don't know Salad Fingers, look him up, you heathen!).

Hasta luegooooooo.

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