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I dedicate this post to a special someone who's birthday is on this the tenth day of the second month (you know who you are ;) It's also a slice of things to come concerning Oniondrop...

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"Hola, vengo a flotar" (Hello, I've come here to float) was a memorable phrase in Spanish speaking parts, said by a certain character from an Argentine cartoon series called Alejo & Valentina, by Alejandro Szykula. At the time, when it was newest, I found it hilarious, with its crude looks and bizarre humor. It's the kind of series that either makes you laugh or weirds you out or both. I haven't been viewing it for a long time but I have fun memories of it and it's probably one of those series that inspires Oniondrop and the strange little things he does.

I have no idea if these cartoons are well-known in non-Spanish speaking places, maybe some of the funniness is missed through language and specific cultural references, but a lot of it is plain nonsense, and it's meant to be rough-looking. I could compare it to a Salad Fingers type of cartoon, less creepy but more crude (if you don't know Salad Fingers, look him up, you heathen!).

The link above goes to the author's Youtube channel, but the first episode where the "Hello, I've come to float" bit occurs is on the author's website LocoArts: Episodio 1 - La vida misma (Episode 1 - Life itself), the sound might be way too high though with no option to manage it, just so you know... 

Hasta luegooooooo.

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