Animals Posing

Animals Posing

I drew these in pencil, freehand, copying photos I found on the web and illustrations in animal atlas books. They were part of an assignment for one of my courses at design school: to draw the same animals (of your choosing) in different poses; here I've selected the ones I thought came out more nicely. I believe the whole point was to understand shapes mostly, considering the next step of the assignment (see below).

Chameleons have the coolest little "dance" moves, also their tongues are incredibly fast.

"Kangaroo! Kangaroo!" No, Dot, stop calling... *sniff*...

Sharks are vilified, mistreated, but they are vital to the balance of the ocean's ecosystems. 

Orca whales may look cuddly, but they are ferocious predators just like sharks.

Snakes evoke something profound in humans, taking form in numerous myths and legends.

Many animals have inspired folktales; selkies come to mind right about now...

Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

The animal poses finally led to a kind of animal puzzle, therefore it was important to be able to recognize which animal shapes interlocked well with others. Though maybe a little forced with some shapes, I think these two attempts came out okay. They sort of remind me of those visions the kid has in Life of Pi, when he's adrift at sea and looks into the ocean wondering what the tiger sees.

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